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"Prepare your students for the test, but try to do a little teaching on the side."

Virginia Hunt

Written by a master writing tutor more than 25 years ago, these cautionary words have stood the test of time. Don’t even think about shooting the messenger. Many teachers, students, parents and administrators have grown weary of No Child Left Behind legislation and are pushing for significant changes in the law, which requires annual math and reading tests in grades three through eight and once in high school.

In theory, using standards-based curricula, instruction and assessment to meet state and federal requirements sounds like a great way to level the playing field for children of all demographics; in practice, these under funded accountability mandates enrich the bottom line of educational corporations far more than they enhance student learning and measure individual student progress over time. Gaining admission to a “competitive” college or university presents high school seniors and their parents with a similar dilemma.

I believe that writing well is the best preparation for college and for life. That’s why I offer only three services: Writing the SAT Essay, Writing the College Admissions Essay, and Creative Writing. After all, I am a practical idealist. If you are a graduating senior who has a sound academic record but mediocre SAT scores, I can help you to improve the quality of your writing in both a timed situation (SAT Essay) and a potentially overwhelming one (College Admissions Essay). In addition to this, working on the Creative Writing process can enhance the quality of your required and elective writing.