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"F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, 'You don’t write because you want to say something; you write because you’ve got something to say.' Jennifer Litt will help you locate that oft-elusive something, whatever it is. She has a writer’s love of words and – more importantly – an editor’s eye for the right words. Whether you’re a non-profit trying to land an important grant or a high school senior struggling to write a personal essay for your college application, whatever the journey, Jennifer will help you get there."
Sarah Freligh, author of Sort of Gone

“Mrs. Litt is great at finding plot holes, mistakes, and grammatical errors that I never could have seen by myself."
Nick Morrison, 17, author of Kaylynne’s Wish

“Working one on one with Mrs. Litt helped me tremendously with my writing process, and I have applied the skills I learned from her to my work at college.”
Jennifer Barrows, freshman at Susquehanna University

“Mrs. Litt did an excellent job working with our daughter Jen on her college application essay. During their one-on-one sessions, she helped Jen to synthesize the different pieces of her life – reading literature, volunteering with the elderly, and leading a team sport – and taught her how to incorporate them into a coherent essay.”
Bob & Ann Barrows, Jennifer’s parents