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Writing the College Application Essay

Although most colleges and universities continue to use the SAT or ACT scores of high school seniors as a determining factor for acceptance to their institutions, an original, well-written college application essay can give students a competitive edge in the college application process. As a writing tutor, I conduct in-depth interviews with college seniors in order to help them to develop and narrow possible essay topics from a generic list, provide them with models for writing effective essays, and introduce/review the six traits of the writing process for them to incorporate into their own work. My students have discovered an unexpected, yet welcome by-product of this one-on-one process: authentic learning improves verbal SAT scores.

Students, please note that I can help 'tidy' your original work, but I will not write your college application essay for you.

“Working one on one with Mrs. Litt helped me tremendously with my writing process, and I have applied the skills I learned from her to my work at college.”
Jennifer Barrows, freshman at Susquehanna University

“Mrs. Litt did an excellent job working with our daughter Jen on her college application essay. During their one-on-one sessions, she helped Jen to synthesize the different pieces of her life – reading literature, volunteering with the elderly, and leading a team sport – and taught her how to incorporate them into a coherent essay.”
Bob & Ann Barrows, Jennifer’s parents